Club Penguin Coin Code Giveaway April 2013

31 03 2013

Hey Guys! Due to my grand return, I have decided to give away a coin code! Now, this contest is pretty easy. All you must do is comment your penguin name, and why you think you deserve the coin code! Any other information you give is optional. You can only comment once though. Good Luck!

Waddle On!


Goodness Me.

31 03 2013

Well Hello there! It is i, Dj Splash/Kleerofski. I have returned after all these years of not blogging. Man, its been a while. And im just wondering, who still visits my blog?

Oh my goodness

12 12 2009


Lots of things have happened while i wasnt here (X factor, strictly come dancing, doctor who) But i am banned from CP So i cant blog abut it :(so if anyone wants my blog then feel free to ask. 

Dj Splash~

A good trade

24 07 2009

Guess What guys? I have:

Cocos pass

Wwe Adams pass

Mimos pass

5 betas pass

I will give someone all of these if they give me a coin code. Thats all i need. 1 coin code. If someone gives me a coin code, leave a comment saying ‘Ive got a coin code!’ Then click this:             and send the code to that email. I will then use the code, and if it works, you get all the passwords!



24 06 2009

HEY ALL! PARTAY PARTAY PARTAY! IM BACK! After a long time, and I Mean, long time of not posting, i have finally started to post again. Zombie survival keeps crashing for me so i thought ill Just get back to Playing On CP! I know i have missed Loooads of stuff Going on on cp, So starting from Now, ill Post loads. Waddle On!

I have Series 2 Coin code

23 05 2009

Hi Penguins! Today i got  a Series 2 Coin Code! I will trade it for:


Beta Penguin. Must be able to talk

12 month membership. Must work


Thats all

Waddle On!

Me Playing Zombie Survival + Zombie Attack

9 05 2009